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In today's investment climate it's becoming harder to create wealth.

MLC Investment Networking connects sophisticated investors to exclusive opportunities across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

To indicate the wide range of investments available, here's a selection of current opportunities:


Fine Art Merchandising     

It is hardly known that the late pop star Michael Jackson was an avid artist throughout his life. MLC has been mandated to promote the sale of 120 expertly assessed and valued Original Art Works (the "Museum" Collection) plus their limited edition and more general merchandising rights.  Read More...

Trade Facilitation Program

Working with a long-established Distributor of refined fuels, we have developed a fully-secured, high-return investment programme to facilitate the supply of growing fuel allocations to long-standing Major Buyers (oil companies, airlines, shipping groups). Investment is by rolling monthly collateral (e.g. SBLC). Read More...

Mariculture in Costa Rica

Our client is a Florida-based company deploying state-of-the-art scalable technology and information systems to develop sustainable and highly profitable open-ocean fish farms - in full harmony with the environment.  Equity capital is being raised in 3 rounds for the initial farms off the Pacific coastline of Costa Rica. Read More...



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