Michael Jackson Fine Art

the king of pop's original art works

Nine years after his passing, earnings from Michael Jackson's musical output continue to grow, reaching $850m in 2016, the highest of any deceased musician (source: Forbes magazine).


Yet in addition to his musical recordings, Michael Jackson's legacy includes 120 Original Art Works that are the product of his lifelong interest and talent for fine art to which, unknown even to most of his fans, he devoted much of his spare time from childhood onwards.


These and the associated merchandising rights are now being presented for acquisition and development.

Known as the Museum Collection, the 120 Art Works have been officially valued at $440m, and the associated rights at over $1bn, with estimated revenues over the first 5 years into the billions and continuing to grow thereafter.  A financial structure is being created to bring these to the market, which includes over 75 million registered Michael Jackson fans.

Also available are the development rights to the Crystal City Resort designed by Michael Jackson (see the background to this page).

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