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To facilitate literally means  "to make easy".

A professional facilitator can be brought in to generate agreement

in situations where this may be more difficult or elusive

if managed internally.

Montreux Global Facilitators are skilled in working with

groups of executives and managers with different or potentially

conflicting ideas, to reach decisions that all are ready to act on.

While a skilled practitioner can make this look easy,

the expertise required actually comes from highly evolved

leadership capabilities that can also serve as a cultural model.

The skills involved include:

  • creating and obtaining buy-in to a vision or goal

  • ensuring that everyone participates actively

  • exposing connections between apparently contradictory ideas

  • generating new thinking and discussion through creative questions

  • creating a sense and feeling of commonality

  • generating energy for collective action

Skilled facilitation therefore models

important aspects of effective leadership.

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