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Montreux Global Summits are held in the discreet and elegant lakeside resort of Montreux, Switzerland as well as in

Washington DC and other locations.

Topics range from long-term geopolitical trends and emerging social patterns to the dynamics of business and government and the changing nature and role of leadership.

Goals include:

  • enabling understanding of changing strategic contexts and generating appropriate direction and policies

  • ensuring early and comprehensive awareness of future contexts and understanding of options for taking advantage of opportunities and avoiding threats

  • generating strategic market dominance for corporates, or geopolitical dominance for governments, along with deep and dynamic contextual awareness


Montreux Global Summits differ from other geopolitical conferences such as Davos, Bilderberg and Chatham House

by a) their exclusivity, with a maximum of 50 participants,

b) their rigorous focus on past and future geopolitical patterns, and c) their outcome-orientation through specific sessions dedicated to participant issues.

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