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About Us

Culture and Intelligence

Being Strategic

MONTREUX GLOBAL brings together the long-standing expertise of

John Mitchell (Leadership Style & Culture)

Gregory Copley (Geopolitical Intelligence & Strategy) and

Natalie Mitchell (Investments and Project Management)

and their respective teams.

Based in the lakeside town of Montreux, Switzerland, we benefit from Alpine venues for creative leadership gatherings and carry out discrete assignments online and at clients’ premises and preferred locations around the world.

Through intellectual property created from rigorous research and extensive client work, Montreux Global builds tailored services for leaders wishing to re-think their personal and collective leadership strategy and culture.

For ONLINE Strategic Leadership Development sessions (1-5 Leaders)

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Creating Unity from Diversity

Whether in personal psychology, social identity, business organisations, political parties or governments, an imbalance between unity and diversity leads either to

authoritarianism or fragmentationand is everywhere to be seen in today's world.

The ability to Create Unity from Diversity has therefore become a critically important leadership attribute within every human setting from the family unit to global structures.

Montreux Global has developed tools, concepts and approaches that equip leaders to Create Unity amid Diversity. This Intellectual Property may feature as part of the content of our Leadership services; more generally we use it as an important element in our own operating style.





We work with fellow providers and in-house staff on content creation and delivery style

Leadership Thinking

Montreux Global provides five core leadership enhancement services:

  • Consultancy for the CEO on connecting strategy to macro contexts and on influencing the Board and corporate culture

  • Board Facilitation to help Chairs and Boards gain maximum value from the time invested together

  • Executive Development to help Executive Groups define and fulfil their roles optimally and set the tone of the organization's culture

  • Cultural Renewal  to align communication and decision-making with changing contexts and new strategic intent 

  • Leadership Retreats to help Boards, C-Suite and Executive Groups refresh, realign and move forward 


To check out some of the sources of our Leadership IP,

please click below for archived videos on:

Growth and Decay    Leadership Responsibility   Mindset and Intelligence  

Culture and Emotional Intelligence   Organizational Culture and Strategy

Government and Citizenship

Geopolitics & COVID 19 (Recorded with Gregory Copley, Spring 2020)

Geopolitical Awareness

"Today’s geopolitical environment is nothing like what we’ve seen in the past.    CEOs are beholden to the outputs of an increasingly complex geopolitical system that moves at an accelerated pace, with few guardrails. Outcomes are hard to predict without careful focus.  Only by moving it to the forefront of strategy and being the point (wo)man for geopolitics can a CEO lead their organization to success in turbulent times."    .... from the KPMG paper The CEO as Chief Geopolitical Officer

MONTREUX GLOBAL provides exclusive Geopolitical Awareness and consultancy services that were previously available only to governments.   They are led by Gregory Copley AM,  President of the Washington DC-based International Strategic Studies Association, and comprise:

  • Briefing and Advisory Services, online or in person, to help CEO's and Directors understand changing strategic contexts

  • Reports and Forecasts in response to client requests based on specific regional, country, market or sector criteria

  • Invitation-only Montreux Global Summit Gatherings 

Investments & Projects

Montreux Global initiates, develops and manages

diverse investments and projects across sectors including:

  • Funds and Commodities Trading

  • Technology Innovation

  • Sustainability and Infrastructure Projects

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