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Geopolitics - Sustainability - Wellness


In a changing and seemingly unpredictable world,

Montreux Global's Transformational Consulting services

embrace and foster new criteria for success:


Geopolitical Awareness

In collaboration with a long-established private global intelligence network,

previously serving only governments, we are introducing a depth of geopolitical

awareness and understanding previously unavailable to the private sector


We promote an ethos of sustainability in public and private institutions

and provide funding for food, energy, water, waste, ecology and other

infrastructure projects in developed and developing countries

Wellness Education

In today's often confused health environment, we bring authentic, fully

researched information on physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing

and connect these to professional life and educational curricula


The Founding Directors of Montreux Global,


explain why Company Directors need to

understand the Geopolitical contexts of their operations and present the wider geopolitical background to COVID-19 

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