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MLC Investment Networking services connect

institutional and sophisticated private investors to

exclusive and varied programmes

across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Here is a selection of current opportunities:

Airport Services Expansion

Due to a lack of facilities at this busy European airport, a high percentage of its country's fish exports currently have to be trucked to airports outside the country, resulting in lost business. This is an opportunity to participate in much-needed expansion of Cold Storage and Air Freight at the airport. Initial Bridge or Convertible Loan: US$6 million. Read More...

Mariculture in Central America

Our client is a Florida-based company deploying state-of-the-art scalable technology and information systems to develop sustainable and highly profitable open-ocean fish farms - in full harmony with the environment.  Equity capital is being raised in 3 rounds for the initial farms off the Pacific coastline of Costa Rica; first round US$2.5 million. Read More...

Michael Jackson Original Art Works     

It is hardly known that the late pop star Michael Jackson was an avid artist throughout his life. MLC Investment Networking has been mandated to promote the sale of 120 expertly assessed and valued Original Art Works (the "Museum" Collection) plus their limited edition and more general merchandising rights.  The Art Works are valued at US$440 million. Read More...

Trade Facilitation Programme

A long-established Distributor of refined fuels has developed a fully-secured, high-return investment programme to facilitate the supply of growing fuel allocations to long-standing Major Buyers (oil companies, airlines, shipping groups). Investment is by rolling monthly collateral (e.g. SBLC) of minimum US$100 million.  Read More...

Las Vegas Luxury Development

Our client is preparing to develop the residential component of a luxury residential condo project of approx. 250 units in one of the most affluent and desirable neighborhoods in Las Vegas.  It is designed around a European atmosphere masterplan, of high-scale Class-A, mixed-use retail and office property destination.


LNG Conversion Plant, USA

Natural gas in liquid form, LNG, provides the safest and most cost effective method to transport large quantities of natural gas to international customers. Our client's mission is to safely develop the lowest cost, new world-scale LNG export facility to deliver natural gas globally while producing lucrative returns for shareholders.

More Coming Soon...

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