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leadership philosophy

The study of Leadership goes beyond the examination

of past or present political, business or spiritual figures.


Rather, it raises fundamental questions that are

both deep and immediate. 

At its core is the relationship between awareness and action.

Our own!

Leadership Faults & Fixes

 is a distillation of theory and practice

that gives a new approach to leadership.

Uniquely, it clarifies and connects

awareness, action, power and responsibility

as they are, have been and could be

in business, government and society.


The theory is published in John Mitchell's

Leadership Faults & Fixes,

available here on

The practice is revealed, absorbed and applied

through discreet on- and off-site interventions

tailored to the needs of individual leaders

and their teams and organisations.

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Leadership Faults & Fixes saves time and money

by removing the need for traditional approaches

(courses, psychometrics, initiatives)

and by simultaneously transforming

confidence, collaboration and culture.

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